Dachshund-People of the World….Take Note! The widely popular, absolutely hilarious Wiener Take All documentary is finally coming to DVD. After two encore screenings at it’s sold out 2007 San Francisco premiere and inclusion in numerous film festivals around the country, Shane MacDougall’s dog cult film is available for pre-order.

For those unfamiliar with Wiener Takes All, we implore you to watch this film. You don’t need to love doxie dogs to love this movie (but who doesn’t?). All you need is a pulse (and a sense of humor). Here’s the gist: Every year, tens of thousands of dachshund -people enter their furry competitors in events that span the country. From “Earthdog”competitions to the Olympics of Dachshund shows – the Wiener Nationals, these little dogs crisscross the map and blow through hundreds of thousands of dollars, all for the glorious “Top Dog” honors. Thankfully, filmmaker Shane MacDougall tagged along for two years to capture the whole show-dachshund scene. The colorful personalities, the humorous competitions, the big, hairy world of weenie dog politics, now available on DVD.

Don’t wait to get your copy of Wiener Takes All. With the first run of only 1,000 DVDs, the doxie dog community is likely to snap up every one in a matter of seconds. Order yours today for estimated delivery during the third week of September. Then, pop it into your player and invite a few friends over to howl along with you.


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