As we get ready to ring in the New Year, we’re celebrating the Best of 2008. Here are your favorite Woof Report tips about all interesting things d-o-g.


Smile & Say Woof | 2008-07-22
Zillions of dog photos and only a few good ones – that’s how it goes. As soon as you get Buddy in the frame, he’s off to catch the Frisbee. And you’re left with a blur of fur, a digital dog of a shot. Taking better pet pictures doesn’t take much. Zoom in on our top tips from pet photographers.


Dog Years Debunked | 2008-09-24
You’re not going to believe this. The 7:1 Dog to Person Lifespan Ratio isn’t necessarily true. Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, this notion has reigned in popular imagination for over 50 years. Read on in the article from The Wall Street Journal’s Carl Bialik and see why this simplified ratio for dog longevity is nothing more than the “7 Year Glitz”.


K9 Show n’ Tell | 2008-07-25
Even old dog people can learn new tricks. Just log on to to pick up handy tips on caring for your dog. With over 40 engaging and instructional videos and guides dedicated to dog care, your next lesson is as close as your computer. Find out how to give the ultimate dog bath, tune in for tricks on brushing a pup’s teeth and more.


Wash That Dog Right Outta Your Clothes | 2008-07-16
Here’s the thing: Dog hair is everywhere. It’s on your sofa, it’s on your sheets, it’s all over your clothes. We know. All dog people know. It’s just one of those little things we accept for the love of the pet. But sometimes the hair thing is just too much. You’re sipping your coffee at a café, look down at your fleece and think: It’s official. I look like Sasquatch. Read our tips for managing all of that dog hair.