As you may know, Woof Report is on a summer break-of-sorts as Larry (woof), Ted (meow), and my husband and I await the upcoming arrival of a new addition to the family – a baby girl!  And that makes it the perfect time to share some of Woof Report’s most popular and useful tips you may have missed.


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Dog Devotion Decoded

If you share your life with a dog, you have a special connection with your fur family member, one that people without pets may not fully comprehend. This shared doggie insider knowledge is clearly apparent in a fabulous blog post, Signs You May Be Living With Dogs, from Peter Chianca’s blog, The Longest Tail. What started as a single list of signs any dog devotee would recognize grew exponentially with reader submitted additions, and it’s a must-read for any dog lover. Read on for Woof’s favorites from Peter’s list and from his readers’ additions.


Food for Thought

When it comes to choosing dog food, there’s no single food that’s best for every dog, and the options are endless. Choose the Best Food for Your Dog with a listing of Woof Report’s favorite sites to help you research various dog food options – they’re considered to be top resources on the subject and are packed with dog food reviews, articles and tips. And also, learn about interesting findings from two studies from veterinary nutritionists at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University with regard to dog foods marketed as low calorie and foods for senior dogs.


Do Dogs Recognize Their Kin?

Do you think your dog would recognize his littermates and parents after years of separation and that Dogs Can Sniff Out Family From Friends? As it turns out, many studies have zeroed in on this topic known in scientific circles as “kin recognition,” the study of how animals recognize their relatives and its importance in the natural world. The research often focuses on amphibians, social insects and in mammals, the rodent family, and there have been few studies with regard to dogs, but Woof’s got the scoop from the DOGWatch newsletter from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.


Potential Pet Poisons

When Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI) analyzed its database of more than 485,000 insured pets to find the sources behind the poisoning claims submitted between 2005 and 2009, and from the nearly 20,000 claims received, accidental ingestion of pet or human medications was at the top of the list. It topped mouse and rat poison (2nd), chocolate and caffeine toxicity (3rd) and plant poisoning (4th).  To add to those figures, of the 98,000 calls the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center received in the first eight months of the year, about one-third involved dogs and cats ingesting over-the-counter and prescription medications. Read on to see the Top Ten Human Medications Harmful to Pets and tips to poison proof your home.


Lend a Paw

If you receive Woof Report’s weekly email newsletters, you already know about the regular feature listing one simple and actionable idea for helping pets in shelter and rescue organizations waiting for their forever homes. The idea is….just do one small thing, and it can really make a difference. In case you’ve missed the tips in the newsletters or (say it isn’t so…) you’re not a Woof subscriber, read 15+ Easy Ways to Help Pets in Shelters and Rescues.


The Scoop:

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