Too bad for David Hasselhoff, Woofy’s even bigger in Europe. And he’s cooler too. Meet Woofy, the most adorable new addition to your home that you don’t need to walk or feed.

Woofy’s here on a mission: to hide all your unsightly power cords and cables while looking super hip in your home. Not surprisingly, he’s the brainchild of uber-cool Argentinean designer Gabriel Nigro, lending Woofy his sleek modern-dog look. A vision in smooth hardened plastic, he stands 12 inches high and 19 inches long, about the size of a small dog. And, with enough room for three gallons of cables in his belly, you can count on Woofy to keep a tight leash on power cords you’d rather not see.

It’s hard to imagine wanting anything more from a $200 plastic dog, but alas, Woofy delivers. International cult status (we’re not making this up). In fact, Woofy’s considerable fan base spans the globe, evidenced in his very-own “Woofy around the World” blog. Witness him in the arms of models, in the homes of the beautiful, in the parks of Rome, London, New York. It’s undeniable — Woofy’s the consummate “It Dog”.

Still need more? You asked for it: Woofy’s got his own theme song. Tune in on his site, fall in love, and order your own Woofy to bring home.


The Scoop:

Woofy Around the World

Woofy with Friends

Woofy, produced and sold by Normann Copenhagen, $212.50