Local public swimming pools all the across the country are starting to close for the season. And nobody is happier about this than your dog. That’s because Dog Swim Day just may be coming to a swimming pool near you. It’s the one or two days each year that dogs are allowed, even encouraged, to swim, splash and compete for prizes in silly pet events.  

You’ll usually find more than just swimming at these highly anticipated events.  Maybe you’ll bring along your dog to try his paw at the “Fastest Retrieve” or the “Best Looking Dog When Wet” contests. Or maybe your dog would rather pose for photos with the Local K9 unit, or swing by the micro-chipping clinic. There’s something for everyone at Dog Swim Day, even for people. Many events welcome rescue organizations with available dogs for adoption, pet product vendors and dog safety demonstrations, all to support local animal welfare charities. What a excellent way to end the swim season.

The Woof Reporters extend our thanks to the many Facebook fans who listed details about Dog Swim Days in their communities. We added these events to our list of scheduled Dog Swim Days below. If you don’t see an event near you, just google “Dog Swim Day” or “Dog Pool” with your city name or ask about it at your local public pool or check doggie event listings.

For details on these super fun local events and everything they “entail,” check out the links below.


The Scoop: 

Labor Day Dog Paddle – Madison, WI
Monday, September 7th

5th Annual K-9 Pool Party – Pomona, NY
Sunday, September 7th

5th Annual Dog Daze of Summer – Las Vegas, NV
Saturday, September 12th

7th Annual Dog Paddle – Iowa, IA
Tuesday & Wednesday, September 8th and 9th

Dog Day Swimming Event – El Paso, TX
Saturday and Sunday, September 12 and 13

Dog-A-Poolooza Dog Swim Day – Garland, TX
Sunday, August 30th

Dog Swim at Buhr Park Pool – Ann Arbor, MI
Tuesday & Wednesday, September 8th and 9th

Pet-Palooza and Doggie Paddle – Burlington, Iowa
Sunday, August 30th

Dog Swim Fest Set at Discovery Island – Greenville, SC
Saturday, September 12

Soggy Dog Swim – Grove City, Ohio
Sunday, September 13

Maplewood 6th Annual Dog Swim – Maplewood, MO
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, September 11th, 12th and 13th

Doggie Swim Day – Alexandria, VA
Saturday, September 5th

Annual Dog Swim – Johnson City, TN
Saturday & Sunday, September 8th and 9th

Dog Swim Day at Fossil Park Pool – St. Petersburg, FL
Saturday, August 29th


If there’s no Dog Swim Day in your area, then read our past tips with ideas for fun summer activities with your dog, dare we say…before the season ends!

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Thank you to the Capitol Canines in Madison, Wisconsin for the photo. Over 950 dogs attended their event last year!