Al fresco fare, smoke-free hotel rooms, discriminating dogs travel well. Good thing there’s to plan his itinerary. This fabulous free website just keeps getting better. Log on for America’s top travel attractions, parks, campgrounds, beaches, off-leash dog parks and more for well-behaved dogs of every breed and size. From shopping at New York’s Tiffany’s to riding the Nation’s Largest Ferry System in Seattle, maps out the hottest pup-OK venues from coast to coast. 

Searchable and packed with information, start with the “City Guide” page to find the dog-friendly outdoor dining spots, parks and such for specific locales. There you’ll see all the hidden gems for lucky canine tourists and the locals too. You can also literally find thousands of United States and Canada pet-friendly accommodations. Check out hotels, cabin rentals or inns that welcome the woofer. It’s easy to scope out your dog’s action-packed weekend to cities near and far.

It’s your dog’s world now. Chart his course at  

The Scoop: City Guides


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