So what if your parents think you’re nuts, doggie day care is a necessary expense. After all, how are you supposed to work if your best friend is home alone, incredibly bored and possibly eating your sofa pillows? 

As long as your dog’s workday involves playing with other dogs, napping in the sunshine, and getting plenty of exercise, everybody’s happy. Especially Molly and Jen, the dog-loving owners of Pooches Playtime, one of San Francisco’s top dog day care and boarding facilities. In fact, these folks love pooches so much that they turned over half their home to them. That’s right. The whole first floor of their comfortable San Francisco home is converted for the pleasure and safety of your dog.

Step into this dog spa, um…we mean day care and take in the bright, airy scene. With special rooms for big and small dogs, cozy beds and lots of toys, it’s absolute pup bliss. While you toil away at your desk, your dog will lounge, splash in the pool, enjoy treats, games and adult supervision all for up to 12 hours each weekday. Should you venture out of town without the company of your four-legged child, he’s welcome to stay over the weekend by appointment. His happy hotel amenities include all his familiar day care spoils, plus the company of Molly and Jen just upstairs for tucking in at night.

As an optional service for day care dogs, they also offer playgroup excursions to the park or beach runs. Indulge your dog in an hour of running, chasing, swimming and romping with cushy door-to-door service in Pooches Playtime’s well-ventilated hybrid vehicles.

If you’re still on the fence, it might help to know that Pooches Playtime donates time and money to animals in need and runs a super green business too. With a nod to the environment in everything from floor cleaners to poop scoopers, they make sure to leave only paw prints (and good memories) behind.


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