News Flash: swimsuit season gets closer by the second. We already know the excuses. You skipped the gym this month because of the “No Dog” policy, right? Like us, you figured, if you can’t exercise together, it’s best to just stay home and share a box of treats. What’s another peanut butter cookie anyway?

Woof Report interrupts this habit with breaking exercise news. Introducing Thank Dog! Boot Camp, the first fitness camp for people and their pups. This latest fitness craze has left us wondering why nobody thought of this sooner, and when is it coming to our city? Hopefully Thank Dog! will start a trend.

Created by certified dog trainers Jill Bowers and her sister Jamie, this Los Angeles-based exercise program trains your body and your dog for one hour, five days a week. Imagine it, you and your best friend on a team together, exercising outdoors, every day for six whole weeks. Who needs the gym? Plus, your dog will benefit from 30 minutes of optional obedience training before each session.

Whatever shape you’re in, Thank Dog! is ready for you. From poorly behaved dogs to poorly exercised people, “everyone is considered a team; therefore, the class will never be divided into levels. Whether it’s the actual work out or basic obedience, the Thank Dog! team will always be available to personally help and guide each pair as they need it.” Even better, Thank Dog! makes sure that your dog gets his workout even if you can’t make it. Just sign him up for the “Borrow Me” program and he’ll get picked up for boot camp and have one of your fellow cadets take him through the class. Likewise, if you do not have your own bootcamp buddy, you can arrange to borrow one for the class from ThankDog! – or better yet, take your friend’s dog and he or she will love your for it.

It all seems too good to be true. Stay tuned for doggie boot camps getting started near you or contact Thank Dog! and tell them you’re waiting for them in your city. 


The Scoop: 

Get all the details about ThankDog! BootCamp, only available in the LA area for now.

Thank you to Thank Dog! Boot Camp for the photo.