Who can resist reading the fortune in a fortune cookie? The truth is: hardly anyone. In fact, when offered a fortune cookie, a whopping 97% of us read the fortune.  And that’s not even considering the number of dogs who read their fortunes (well…the actual reading is done by a human companion).  Dog Fortune Cookies — do you think we’re kidding? Not a chance. The folks at Kar Mee Fortune Cookie Factory turn out delicious doggie fortune cookies, a kitchy-cool treat for any pup-centric gathering.

A venerable Bay Area institution, Kar Mee Fortune Cookie Factory has been baking in fortunes for over 30 years. Sure, most of their customers are people dining in restaurants. But lucky for your dog, they also sell a delectable chicken liver version direct to the canine public. These irresistible treats are individually wrapped for freshness and ready to make any pooch swoon. Pop one open to find fortunes sweeter than the cookie (for instance,“Every dog should have a home, and every home should have a dog”). And you can even create custom messages for any occasion – a puppy shower, your dog’s birthday, imagine the possibilities.

But at just $15 for 100 cookies, why wait for a special occasion? Pack them for the dog park, stock up for pup play dates. It’s just one more way to keep the good fortune coming.


The Scoop:

Kar Mee Fortune Cookie Factory

Same day order available. Order online, call David at 510/835-0520 or email info@ForniaFortuneCookies.com.


Thank you to Kim for the tip.