We’ve got nothing against other baked goods, but let the truth be told — cupcakes are the cutest. So imagine if you combined cupcake cuteness with the likeness of the world’s most adorable creature, (insert your dog’s name here). Too good to be true? Not according to the Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, the inventive authors of Hello, Cupcake!, a little cookbook with big ideas for dog lovers.

Create delectable cupcake versions of your dog, your cat, your whole fur family — it’s so easy, you won’t believe it. Try a chocolate Lab cupcake, or mix up a litter of Schnauzers, or Westies, and how about some Bulldogs (for those folks at the office)? Just follow the easy-to-create designs made from common treats and frostings, and instantly, your kitchen goes to the dogs.

And just to show the dogs whose alpha in your house, why not serve up a batch for both two and four-legged fans? Packed with pet-safe recipes too, the Hello, Cupcake! people know we can’t resist those pleading eyes. Just remember not to share your chocolate treats with dogs since it’s not safe for them.

But wait, there’s more. For inspiration and ideas good enough to eat, check out the books’ blog. Loaded with action shots of pupcakes-in-the-making, it’s further proof that dog people know how to have a good time. No wonder this book is on The New York Times Best Seller list.


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Hello, Cupcake! By Karen Tack and Alan Richardson www.hellocupcakebook.com

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