As we get ready to ring in the New Year, we’re celebrating the Best of 2008. Here are your favorite Woof Report tips about toys, treats and feasts for your pup.

Speaking of Treats | 2008-07-02
Move over treat jar, this cool container dispenses goodies on its own, moves around, and oh yeah — it talks. That’s right. Actual words. Your dog’s favorite voice (yours, of course) dances out of the ball whenever he rolls it around. You just record 15-seconds of the sweet-nothings your dog loves to hear and voilà, the Talk to Me Treatball keeps him busy and happy while you’re away.


The Squirrel Your Dog Can Catch | 2008-10-17
Finally, your dog will catch his squirrel. So what if it’s a frozen toy version of the real thing that you just so happened to soak in chicken broth for flavor? Something tells us he won’t care. One lick of this salt-a-licious teether toy and who needs the real thing? Just soak Mr. Nuts the Squirrel in water or broth, freeze and serve for a treat your dog will love.


Doglicious Frozen Treats | 2008-07-14
There is really nothing cuter than watching a dog lick from a cup between his paws. It’s one of life’s great pleasures. Instead of sending you off to search for four-to-a-box pre-made treats, we invite you whip up your own big batch of Frosty Paws at home. It’s so easy, even your dog could do it — but since he isn’t allowed in Safeway, it’s up to you.

Kong-a-palooza | 2008-11-19
For busy beasts with a taste for furniture legs and shoes, may we suggest a more suitable substitute? Perhaps a delectable medley of peanut butter, kibble and cookie served in the classic Kong? The world-famous Kong toy serves up everything from cream cheese to frozen pumpkin puree in its bouncy-fun style. Find the filling that your pup will love from the Kong-worthy recipes we sniffed out.