A little sun on the fur feels fine, but your hot dog needs your help to beat the heat. The Woof Reporters didn’t waste a second. We’ve rounded up the top products to keep your pets cool and comfy just in time for summer’s hottest days. Check out the fabulous finds we found for the home, yard or beach. And remember, Woof Readers, these aren’t ads. We’ve handpicked each one with your pet in mind. So get ’em while it’s hot! Your dog will thank you for it.


Cabana Cool
Poolside pups, the pooches who picnic – these doggies just can’t escape the heat. That’s why they keep shade on their side with their very own Beach Cabanas. This lightweight, portable shade provides instant shelter from the sun with mesh windows to let the breezes pass through. Just right for outings all summer long, this durable, easy-to-clean cabana packs along in a convenient storage bag, $24.99.

For more serious outdoor dozing, some dogs may prefer the comforts of the Cabana Bed, crafted from memory foam to fit your pup’s proportions, this cozy spot features a UV and sun-resistant canopy for super protection. Lightweight and machine-washable too, it’s the perfect pick for backyard or travel, $75.


Chill Out
Give your pup a taste of summer with his very own pup-safe ice cream cone. The Chilly Cone features a rough canvas exterior and non-toxic water-absorbing sponge inside. Freeze and serve for a satisfying chewing experience your dog will love on a hot day, $6.95.


Stick it to the Sun
Finally, a car window shade that blocks the sun’s glare and UV rays but still allows you to roll down your windows (just a little) for your furry passenger. Meet the Sticky Shade! This vinyl, adhesive-free doodad sticks to your back seat car windows for cool cruising all over town, $3.99.

Bandana Days
Adventure pups just love their gear, especially the Outward Hound Cool-It Bandana. Just right for summertime, this stylish accessory keeps dogs cool for hours while it stays dry against their necks. Just soak the bandana in water, pop it in the fridge awhile and put it on your dog. The bandana’s non-toxic polymer crystals absorb water to keep dogs comfy and cool on the sun hottest days. In three sizes, $5.49 – $10.49.

Go with the Flow
Even your dog appreciates fresh bedding. That’s why the Coolaroo Pet Bed is so perfect. With its elevated above-ground platform, fresh air flows freely from all sides for a comfy cool rest. Even better, the unique fabric’s flea, mite, mold and mildew-resistant and so easy to just hose off for cleaning. Available in six colors and three sizes, and even foldable options, $29.95 – $89.95.

Catastic Accommodations
Here’s a summer treat for our friends with felines. The Feline Funhouse Outdoor makes it easy to create a safe, outdoor enclosure on your porch or lawn, so indoor kitty cats can finally feel the wind in their fur. Complete with zippered doors and nylon netting for ventilation and visibility, and weight bags for stability, the Funhouse is tougher than it looks. It’s safe for small dogs that need a temporary space or a breath of fresh of air too, $60.

The Scoop:

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