Too bad people don’t have extra cool night vision like pets do. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about tricking out our pups with reflective collars, vests and sparkly nightwear. But now that the days are shorter, it’s the only safe way to protect your dog on evening outings. Here’s a look at the best and brightest nightwear you can see from almost anywhere.

Great Balls of Fire
Nighttime at the dog park just got better! Now your dog can keep on playing well after sunset. The Meteorlight K9 L.E.D. Dog Ball lights up the sky with long-lasting L.E.D.s inside a water-resistant durable ball. Put it in a Chuckit and let it rip. Your dog will live to chase it down. The ball’s disco lights shine green, red and blue and batteries are replaceable, $10.95.

A Leg Up on Traffic
Your dog’s the coolest thing on four legs. Now those great gams can help protect him on evening adventures. Just outfit your dog with Bright Steps Leg Bands. These gleaming anklets combine the super reflective material with the action of four moving legs. The result? Optimal visibility in darkness no motorist could miss. Order yours for nighttime walks in any weather. Choose from three sizes, $9.95.

Hats Off to REI
This ultimate outdoor store did it again. They know that dog people need both hands free while walking with their best friends. So they put a little headlamp into the brim of a comfortable baseball-style cap. And voilà, the REI Trail Cap was born. With the press of a button, you can switch on the low or high beam or flash mode. And when the batteries run out, just replace them in the slim power-pack tucked away under the sweatband. Now you can look cool while staying visible to cars as you head home for the night, $24.50.

Get Up & Glow
Your dog’s already the brightest light in town. Now the Nite Dawg L.E.D. Collar makes it official. This flexible collar features a light-up polymer core that flashes or casts it glows up to 1000 feet away in the darkness, and its 150 hour replaceable battery lasts and last. Take your pick from three sizes. Our other top pick is Visiglo’s Glowing Safety Leashes and Collars, which brings high-beam style to the collar and leash. Their pet safety products positively gleam with special attention to function, safety, value and style. With looks like this, you can’t be missed. Bring on the night (your dog’s dressed for it).

Vested Interest
Everybody loves the sight of your dog. So make sure they can see him through haze and fog. That’s where the Ruffwear Track Jacket comes in. This super-reflective safety vest is as comfy as it is bright. Just right for camping, running, hiking or any adventure in low-light, now your dog’s duds will shine as bright as his personality. Choose from three sizes, $29.95.

The Scoop:

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