Finally, your dog will catch his squirrel. So what if it’s a frozen toy version of the real thing that you just so happened to soak in chicken broth for flavor? Something tells us he won’t care. One lick of this salt-a-licious teether toy and who needs the real thing? 

Just soak Mr. Nuts the Squirrel in water or broth, freeze and serve for a treat your dog will love. Let your pup chew away outside or on a towel to keep things tidy. So irresistible and icy cold, this rope chew toy is soothing relief for teething puppies and just plain fun for every other pup. Even better, this super squirrel actually cleans and flosses his teeth while he chews. It’s like the dog version of finding out that candy bars are good for you.

We have the folks at Planet Blue Dog to thank for this fabulous squirrel. Based in Carmel Valley – one of the dog-friendliest locales around, they make all natural, planet-friendly products in the USA while keeping dog people up to date on how to avoid pets’ exposure to toxins. And when you order Mr. Nuts, you not only support Planet Blue Dog’s efforts, but shelter animals too. With a portion of the proceeds earmarked for the non-profit Animal Friends Rescue Project, everybody wins (especially your dog).

The Scoop:

Mr. Nuts The Squirrel, $12.50.  George Jr., the Giraffe available as well.