Your dog wants in, your dog wants out; your dog has turned you into his personal doorman. Short of teaching him to turn the doorknob, it may be time to accept the inevitable: a doggie door is in your future. Sure, your dog will love the easy-come easy-go access, but what about your indoor cat? Or worse, the raccoons that trash your yard on garbage night. Will you wake to find masked bandits eating straight from your fridge? 

Now hold on there. This is the Bay Area. We’ve got top technology for everything, doggie doors included. Behold the Plexidor Electronic Pet Door, the hottest technology your dog will ever get his paws on. No pawprint recognition software here, just a waterproof RFID chip that you clip on your pup’s collar. As he heads towards the doggie door, it reads the chip, and slides up just like a garage door. After he passes through, it shuts right behind him. No batteries, no unwanted visitors, and no pinched tails.

Still wondering if it’s worth the hefty price tag? Consider this: the doors are made from the same highly durable material as football helmets so they’re shatter-resistant and won’t blow open during storms. They run on your household current and won’t interfere with your home safety system. And they install beautifully on doors or exterior walls, complete with a 5-year warranty.

So the doggie door isn’t so bad after all. It may just be the grand entrance (or exit) your dog deserves.


The Scoop:

Plexidor Electronic Pet Door
Available in white or bronze and for house door or wall installation, $697.

Many other pet door options available and prices start at under $20.