Canine Genius, the creators of the ever-popular Leo Toys for dogs outdid themselves this time. With Leo Toys they mark a self-described “renaissance in dog toy design” (hence da Vinci’s nickname), and they prove they know the ins and outs of doggie brains. To follow up their irresistibly chewy, treat-dispensing puzzle toys, Canine Genius unleashes the latest must-haves for your very own canine genius.

Introducing the Plush Leo! Sans treats but big on squeaks, this fuzzy fellow features cross-cuts for hiding four squeaky “stuffies” shaped like steak, a drumstick and other doggie delights. Just pop in the stuffies and drop Plush Leo in your pup’s path.

Now for the best part: stand back and witness your dog genius at work. Note the advanced eye/paw coordination, the brilliant bark to pounce ratio. Watch in awe as his slobber strategy slides those stuffies to freedom. 

Quite possibly even more entertaining for you than your dog, the Plush Leo delivers maximum fun for everyone involved. Unless of course, you happen to be a smaller dog whose tiny mouth cannot accommodate Plush Leo’s girth.  For you, the Canine Genius people offer the tantalizing Mini Meats. Equally fuzzy and fun, these steak filet or turkey leg toys release “moo” or “gooble, gooble” sounds to keep your smartypaws enthralled.

Write your dog’s pass to the gifted puppy school program. Give him all the advantages a dog of his genius deserves. All it takes are a few Leo Toys to keep his dog brains thriving, engaged, and best of all, so very, very happy.


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Plush Leo with Stuffies

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