It’s all here! The latest, the greatest, the most pup-tacular products are all in one place. Check out our first round up of pup-pleasers, handpicked for your dog. These are not advertisements, we just think you’ll love them too.

Walk Proud with the Port-A-Poo
Get a grip on your poop bag situation with the Port-A-Poo. This clever bone-shaped poop bag holder frees up your hands for the leash, the treats, the toys, all your dog’s stuff. Just clip the Port-A-Poo onto your leash and snap it open and closed to keep bags and the yucky stuff out of nose range. Soon you can even order the Mini Poo for retractable leashes or any leash under ¾ inch.  Take your pick from five fabulous colors, $9.95.

Sleep Tight Doggie in the Travel Tote Bed 
Your dog sure does loves her bed. Make sure it’s always in paw’s reach with this comfy Tote Bed. Perfect for trips to Grandmas’ or any overnight stay, the Tote Bed unfolds into a cozy sleeping space anytime, anywhere. Made from bright, stain-resistant fabric and lined with snuggly microfiber, this machine-washable travel bed is as cushy as it is cute. It’s even got a big side pocket for food, toys, everything your dog needs to awake refreshed from her beauty sleep. Offered in three sizes and four colors, $99.95 – $139.

Dogs Come and Go with the Instant Screen Door  
Your dog wants in, your dog wants out. Give up doorman duty and just install this cool pup-perfect screen door from Orvis. Its nifty magnetic closure automatically shuts after dogs or people pass through. No slamming, no ripped screens, no unwelcome bugs in your home. Just attach the hook-and-loop closures along the doorframe to keep the screen in place. You don’t even need tools to do it. And the sleek, frameless design is almost invisible from the outside. You can even use it on sliding glass doors. Available in four sizes, $49 and $59.

Get More Room in Back with the Seat Extender
PetEgo has got it right again. Their handy inflatable Auto Seat Extender spans the rear passenger leg area of your car for added pup stability. By filling the floor with a cushioned air mattress, it prevents your dog’s crate or other restraint from falling between the seats. Keep it deflated in your trunk for car trips, runs to the grocery store, anytime you need extra surface area in the back seat. An air pump comes with it for speedy set up anytime, $80.

De-Fluff with the FURejector deShedding Tool
Furminator fans everywhere rejoice! The ultimate FURejector deShedding Tool just got better. Now this incredible grooming do-dad keeps excess fur and shedding in check without the messy clean up. The new model’s got a convenient push-button to release fur from the tool in a flash. So it’s easier to get back to thinning out that heavy undercoat without damaging your dogs her glossy top locks. It’s FURbulous, $34.