To the playful chops of Great Danes, Mastiffs, Labs, and other large-sized chewers, the standard toy ball can feel tiny and get chomped to bits in seconds. That’s why Planet Dog created the giant Orbee-Tuff® Cosmos toys. Rating a “4 out of 5” on their handy Chew-o-Meter, these toys can take the ruff and tumble. Why the high rating? Well, according to Planet Dog, if you give a dog the appropriately-sized, round, hollow ball made of super-durable material, they can chew for hours. This is because they can’t get it to the back of their jaws where they do all their hard-core chewing.

Even better, this cool collection of colorful orbs not only glows in the dark, but each features a Treat Spot™ pocket, perfect for hiding big snacks for your big fella. Throw in buoyant, bouncy, minty, recyclable, non-toxic and 100% guaranteed, and the Cosmos are a doggie dream toy.

Available in pink VENUS, swirly silver MARS, orange SOL and moonscape LUNA, the Cosmos are simply out of this world.

The Scoop:

Orbee Tuff® Cosmos – Toys for Big Dogs, $15.95