Upon seeing a new brand of sporty, functional leashes and collars at both a favorite pet store and a sporting goods store in San Francisco on the very same day, it was time to learn more about them – and then share the findings!  As always, Woof Report product picks are handpicked and not advertisements!


So here’s the scoop. These dog accessories are from Alite Designs, a small San Francisco-based company that creates a small line of outdoor products like backpacks and camping gear. And as you can tell from the doggie gear, all of their products are design-driven – both functional and stylish.


The company offers just three accessories for dogs, and what makes them so sharp? Not only are they durable and lightweight, but each features the built-in convenience of a zippered pocket or two for small essentials, and the leash and ‘pod’ include integrated bag dispensers. That’s right – never again will you get caught without a dog ‘business’ bag or walk around with bags trailing out of your pocket. Your dog can carry his or her very own bags in the pocket or dispenser, and even your keys or money too (the later of which is to be used for a stop at the store for dog treats, of course).


Here’s what you’ll find at the online at Alite Designs site, or at your favorite outdoors or pet store.


  • Alite Kung Fu Collar 

This comfortable and lightweight collar features a quick-release buckle and a steel D-ring for attaching a leash, and best of all, it sports a handy zippered stash pocket for bags and other small essentials. In four colors and two sizes, $18.



  • The Alite Boa Lite Leash 

This smart leash integrates two zippered pockets and a low-profile bag dispenser into the leash-handle, and includes a detachable handle loop, making it easy to wrap around a pole or bike rack. If those extras aren’t enough, it even includes a loop to attach a light for evening walks. In four colors, $30.



  • Alite Boa Pod 

If your pup already has a great leash collar, add the Boa Pod to it and make it even better. The ‘pod’ is a bag dispenser/zippered pocket combo and attaches easily to most leashes with velcro tabs. Such an improvement over bulky or heavy bag holder attachments! In four colors, $13.



The Scoop:

Find these stylish and practical dog accessories at the Alite Designs site.


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Thank you to Alite Designs for the photos.