Your dog never tires of his toys. And that’s a good thing. Because toys are not only good fun for your dog, but they keep him entertained and occupied when you’re not around. And since busy doggie paws and minds are not likely to snack on your throw pillows, everybody wins with a well-stocked toy bin. Here are just a few of our top toy picks for safe chewing, fun, and an all around pup-pleasing good time.

Cool It
Don’t leave your dog out of summer’s squirt gun fun. Fill up his very own “Squirt Bone” with cool water and sit back and watch. Every time your dog takes a bite, the water squirts out. Doggies dig it. Available in two colors and a ball shape too, $5.95.

Chew on This
If your big dog can chew through any toy on the market, meet the Boomer Ball. This “virtually indestructible” heavy ball is designed to stay down on the ground where your dog can push it around and chase it all day. Perfect for big breeds, herding dogs and those that need the toughest toys out there. In fact, it’s so durable that zoos use it to keep elephants and polar bears busy. Just choose a size bigger than your dog’s jaw so he won’t try to pick it up, $16.95 – $32.95.

Pass on the Stuffing
Your dog loves the squeaky toys, but the stuffing’s everywhere (and he wants to eat it). Finally, a stuffing-free toy that not only squeaks, but is perfect for tug-of-war. Dogs will love flip-flopping these silky plush Skinneeez animals all afternoon. And with two squeakers in each durable toy, the good times keep coming. The large is on sale for $6.99, and you’ll find the small size here for little pups for $3.99.

Party with the Puppy Pinata
Good Morning America’s veterinary expert, Dr. Marty Becker can’t get enough of the Puppy Pinata. He even named it one of 2008’s “Pet Product Breakthroughs of the Year.” And it’s not hard to see why. It’s the only plush toy out there that’s loaded with 100% natural treats! Your dog will love to hunt down the goodies inside. Just right for casual chewers who love a good food puzzle, the Puppy Pinata can keep the party going for hours. Available in two sizes, $7.99 and $9.99.


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