You heard it right. The popular parodied Snuggie Blanket released a new line in doggie sizes. “The original Snuggie blanket was such a success, we decided to extend the product line to include the entire family, which, for many of us, means a dog,” said Anne Flynn, director of marketing for the company.

“Success” doesn’t do the Snuggie justice if you ask us. This silly “Blanket with Sleeves” aired its unintentionally funny infomercial and no self-respecting comedian could pass it up. In no time, Snuggie spoofs popped up on Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jon Stewart. Even 30 Rock and the Today shows got in on the Snuggie fun. And sales soared. By February of 2009, America’s fascination with the “backwards robe” resulted in sales of more than 4 million Snuggies.

These soft fleece blanket coats aren’t just all the rage now for dogs, they’re actually extra cozy and easy to get on. No need to force a sweater over your dog’s head. He just steps into the Snuggie and it closes around the back with velcro. So now pop culture pups can finally get in on the joke. They can slip all four legs into those Snuggie sleeves and join the pub craw with the rest of the gang.

The Scoop:

The Snuggie for Dogs is available in four sizes and two colors, $14.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. A second one is free if you pay the shipping cost.

Visit the site dedicated to, of all things, Snuggie Sightings.