Move over treat jar, this cool container dispenses goodies on its own, moves around, and oh yeah — it talks. That’s right. Actual words. Your dog’s favorite voice (yours, of course) dances out of the ball whenever he rolls it around. You just record 15-seconds of the sweet-nothings your dog loves to hear and voilà, the Talk to Me Treatball keeps him busy and happy while you’re away.

Just imagine: A swat of the paw, a nudge of the snout, and the ball rolls, talking away and dropping treats in its path. Its big fun for your dog and the party never stops. Just record your message, drop in the treats and head out the door. It’s the next best thing to having you sit and stay.

A must-have when you must be away from your dog, the Talk to Me Treatball keeps his eye on the ball and away from your front door until you’re together again, at last.


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Talk to Me Treatball, available in various sizes, $15.99 – $19.99
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