This guy is tough…, 100% guaranteed tough. You’ll get a full refund or replacement if your furry beast chews through Tux — though the manufacturer barks less than a 1% return rate. Tux is made by West Paw Designs, a Bozeman based eco-friendly company that makes products from recycled materials with virtually no waste during the manufacturing process. This toy can bounce, float, and withstand even the sharpest, growliest chewing, which is what your pup will do to get to the tasty treat tucked inside.

When the slobber, sand or dirt take over…just throw it in the dishwasher and it’s like new. Tired of it and onto the next? Just send it back to West Paw and they’ll recycle it into another jaw pleaser. Now that’s tough love.


The Scoop:

Available in three colors: Tangerine, Granny Smith and Aqua Blue. One size, $14.50 each.