It’s a bird flu, it’s a swine flu, no…it’s a dog flu? Did you ever hear of it? Neither did we. That’s because unlike many other well-publicized viral outbreaks, canine influenza doesn’t pass to humans (or thankfully, cats). But ask any dog and this bug is big news, especially in hard hit communities in Pennsylvania, Florida, New York and Colorado. Most dogs survive the infection but secondary complications like pneumonia can spell trouble for the furry infirmed. Fortunately, there’s a new vaccine approved to keep our little darlings virtually flu free.

For the facts on the virus and the vaccine, check out New York Times science writer Donald McNeil’s Q&A with Dr. Cynda Crawford, clinical assistant professor in the Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in Gainesville and one of scientists who discovered the virus. Dr. Crawford offers the facts that she believes everyone should know about canine influenza and the risks to pets and people.

The Scoop:

Read the complete New York Times article “10 Things to Know About the H3N8 Dog Flu”

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