Every dog does it sometime or another. He packs his squeaky toys and heads to the kennel. Maybe his people have out of town plans and the pet-sitter’s booked, or maybe it’s just a day trip.

Smart pet people plan ahead for times like these by selecting a boarding facility before they need one. Choosing the right care for your dog takes research and time. But once you’ve found it, everybody wins. Your dog gets a fun vacation while you relax knowing he’s in good care.

Woof Report hopes you’ll plan ahead for your summer trips away. Get started by choosing a pet-sitter you’ll love with help from the Woof Report’s past tip. Then, lock in a great pet boarding choice for your best friend. Whether it’s a friendly local kennel or five-star pup hotel, your dog’s getaway destination is out there. Find it today with help from the Pet Care Services Association (formerly American Boarding Kennels Association), a non-profit trade association for pet care professionals. Their trusted guide “How to Select a Pet Care Facility” will make it easy to find the perfect spot for boarding or doggie daycare and below are a just a few tips from it to get you started.

Ask Around. You know what you’re looking for – the one-on-one playtime, the soothing background music, the 24-hour doggie web cam so you can check in. Throw in a massage and dogbed turn-down service (complete with treats on the pillow) and your dog’s hotel sounds better than yours. To find everything on your list, start by asking your friends, your vet, other pup people in your community. You may be surprised at the hot spots they send their dogs to. 

Stop By. Once you’ve found a pup care facility you’re interested in, check out its website, brochure, its status with the Better Business Bureau and make sure its licensed by the state. Then set up an appointment to stop by and get a feel for the place. Ask yourself: Does the facility look and smell clean? Do the dogs seem happy? Are all the pup guests well supervised? How is the staff – the folks that will actually be caring for your dog? Do the beds look cozy? Is the temperature comfortable? Are all indoor and outdoor dog runs secure?

Ask Questions. Ask the staff about boarding policies from reservations to playtime, supervision and cancellation details. Also make sure they require vaccination records for all dogs on the premises. They should also ask you for information about your dog’s temperament and preferences. This way you’ll be sure they have your pup’s well being in mind before he checks in.

For all the facts on picking your pet care facility, check out the complete Pet Care Association guide at the link below. This 19-page guide is the most thorough we’ve seen on the topic and you’ll find all you need to know on choosing a facility, packing for your pup, and preparing for his time away. It’s all here. Bon Voyage!

The Scoop:

View or download the Pet Care Services Association’s information-packed guide “How to Select a Pet Care Facility”

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