Does your shitzu need Shiatsu? Yes, she does. All dogs do, so says Maryjean Baller, licensed massage therapist and author of Dog Massage: A Whiskers-To-Tail Guide to Your Dog’s Ultimate Petting Experience. According to Baller, and other sources, mere petting is nice, but to increase blood flow, relax muscles and help sooth pups with sore hips and other ailments, massage is just the thing. It’s just one more way to develop a special bond with your dog and to show him affection. And, since stroking a dog actually lowers your blood pressure as well your dogs, it’s all good.

We searched the web for the best techniques for relaxing dog massage and tested these on our oh-so-willing pups. Note that we’re talking about gentle dog massage, not deep tissue massage which would require training and certification. 

See the links below for simple step-by-step instructions on how to provide your dog with relaxing head and lower body massages, or learn more about dog massage with books, videos or workshops. Upgrade your daily pets to doggie massage as part of your dog’s daily routine, and he will come to expect and enjoy it. 


The Scoop: 

Give Your Dog a Relaxing Head Massage

Give Your Dog a Lower Body Massage

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