That full-length fur coat your dog’s got on looks a lot smarter now than it did in July. But as snug he may be this winter, even dogs may need an extra layer before venturing out in the chilliest months. According an article in Whole Dog Journal, older dogs, immune-comprised or pups in poor health and especially thin or shorthaired breeds really benefit from a coat or fleece. By helping these dogs stay warm, you can spare their bodies the work of generating more heat, and ultimately preserve their physiological resources.

While options abound for fashionable and functional coats and sweaters, those that are needed not only for warmth, but to protect pups from the elements, are a little harder to find – and needed not only for warmth, so below are just a few outerwear options to consider.

The Scoop:

Weather-Proof Polartec Dog Fleece
Wind-resistant and moisture wicking, this comfortable pup fleece weathers the storm and dry days with cozy warmth.

Hooded Poncho
Keep your best friend warm and dry on rainy days. Outfit him in a hooded poncho, secured with a velcro belly band and leg straps for a perfect fit. To make it waterproof, just spray it with silicone water repellent.

Sun Shower All-Season Waterproof Rain Jacket
Not sure if rain is on the way, just slip this comfy all-season jacket on your pooch and head out for your morning walk. With a removable hood and breathable lightweight fabric, your dog is covered.