Tanning is out, even for the dogs. Now that the lazy days of summer are here, we need to protect our skin, and theirs too! Even in Fog City, there can be clear sunny days — and we all know you can get a burn on a cloudy day. Fuzzy coats provide some protection, but underneath even our pups can get sunburn. Any time a dog is exposed to more than 30 minutes of sun, he could be at risk of a burn. Light-skinned dogs and short hairs are particularly at risk. And what about those delicate pink noses, ear tips, and chubby bellies? Ouch!

Choose an easy spray-on like Doggles Sunscreen with SPF 15. Yes, the very same manufacturer of the silly but functional Doggles Goggles. Of course it is non-oily, non-irritating and completely water-based. This little spritzer fits easily into a pocket or small purse. So sit ’em, stay ’em, spray ’em before struttin’ that summertime scene. 


The Scoop: 

For Doggles Sunscreen & other summer products for your pooch, visit www.doggles.com. 

Doggles Sunscreen is also sold at Bella and Daisy’s at 1750 Union Street in San Francisco.