As if the humiliation of wearing a lampshade around his neck isn’t enough, those clunky plastic cones are uncomfortable too. To prevent pups from chewing or licking a wound so it can heal properly or to help post-op pups heal in comfort, All Four Paws put on their thinking caps (er…cones). The result? The super doggie-friendly Comfy Cone. Made of nylon fabric and ½-inch foam, this soft, yielding cone is sturdy yet protects healing boo boos with ease. It’s veterinary tested and approved too.

Just imagine – your dog can wear the cone while eating, drinking and sleeping. He can pass through small walkways without getting stuck. The Comfy Cone’s even got reflective binding for evening walks. Easy to wipe clean, adjust for size, or fold up flat to store, this cool cone puts its plastic predecessor in its place (the recycling bin).

The Scoop:

Comfy Cone
Available in four sizes, S-XL, $27.99 – $37.99.
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