If your dog’s squeezing into her spring collar, don’t wait. Boost her exercise today and work on your own waistline while you’re at it. And let’s face it, another daily walk around the block just isn’t enough. How about getting active with more vigorous exercises you’ll both enjoy? Check out PetFit.com, a site created as part of the Alliance for Healthier Pets, a partnership of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and Hill’s Pet Nutrition.  The site offers lots of pup fitness tips plus videos with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Woof Report just can’t help sharing pet weight management tips because they’re just so important for your dog’s health. Nearly 54 million pets are overweight or obese in our country. The stress of the added weight can lead to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and the worst of all, a shorter lifespan. To help your pooch lose the love handles, try out these new moves from PetFit.com, complete with quick videos with instructions and tips. You’ll both squat, crunch and burn off lunch all while having a blast. 

Power Dog Walks with Intervals. While walking with your dog on a leash, mix in intervals of running, jogging and high stepping to boost your heart rates and calorie burn.

Fetch Races. Instead of just throwing a ball for your dog, try getting in on the chase too. Toss the ball, then race after it with your dog.

Dog Squat Tease. Get ready to do a squat with your legs spread shoulder-width apart. Then as you dip into the squat, tap your pup on the head with a toy. Then, as you lift up, hold the toy over your head to get your dog to jump after it again and again, burning off calories as he goes.

Dog Tag. Everyone loves tag, especially your dog. Play tag in your backyard or the park with your dog and you’ll both have so much fun it won’t even feel like exercise.

For video demonstrations on these and other exercises including the Dog Stairs, the Dogstacle Course and more, stop by petfit.com.

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