Gas is up, groceries are up. Unless your dog’s paw modeling is about to pay out, maybe it’s time to cut back his allowance. Nothing crazy, of course — his doggie day spa and hand-crafted organic treats are definitely still in. We’re talking about a few teensy weensy cost-saving ideas you both can live with. Like these…

Spay is the way! When you spay or neuter your dog you save him from complicated and expensive health problems like ovarian and prostate cancer. Not to mention accidents; dogs in heat often get loose, lost and/or hurt. 

Take the bite out of pet meds. Did you know that your local pharmacy probably fills pet medications? Shop around for the lowest price. The web, your local pharmacy – the right dose at the right price is out there. Just be prepared for funny looks at Walgreen’s when they call “Rover” and you walk up to the pick-up counter.

Pup portion control. Just because he polished off dinner in three bites doesn’t mean he’s still hungry and needs more. Cut back on your dog care costs and your dog’s obesity risk when you measure his food and feed him the right amount.

Shop around. You don’t have to pay top dollar to keep him looking top dog. Shop around for everything he needs from brushes and food to collars. And remember: look beyond the superstore. The best price on dog food just may be at the local boutique or online and not the mega pet retail supply store.

Focus on the fangs. Spare your dog the discomfort of frequent dental cleanings and unnecessary anesthesia by checking his teeth and gums at least once a week.  Learn to brush them yourself and do it as frequently as you can. Remember to use toothpaste specifically for dogs – it needs to be safe to swallow since dogs can’t rinse and spit.

Less shots, more savings. Now you and your dog won’t get pinched at the vet. Thanks to new guidelines from the American Animal Health Association, dogs only need some vaccinations every three years, not annually. Ask your vet, stay informed and save.


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