Senior dogs have it pretty rough out there. Don’t worry; you can help! Be sure to check out the senior dog care projects and tips below!

Older dogs everywhere thank their lucky stars for the Senior Dog Project. This incredible organization works tirelessly to promote the many “excellent reasons to adopt an older dog.” Through photos and real-life stories about happy adoptions, they hope to encourage pet people to consider the pros of life with older dogs. Whether you’re interested in adopting a pup of a certain age or raised one from a puppy, the Senior Dog Project offers these handy tips for keeping him happy and healthy in his Golden Years!

Vet the Vet

Take the time to find a vet you really trust. Since older dogs should visit the vet about every six months, it’s best to establish a relationship with your dog’s doc now.

Read Up

Certain conditions are more common in older dogs. Get informed about them and be on the look out for symptoms to share promptly with your vet.

Serve the Best

Feed your older dog only the very best quality food you can afford. Even consider feeding him a home-prepared diet and two small meals each day to help him digest properly.

Control Portions

Obesity can shorten your dog’s life. Make sure you feed him only what he needs.

Dash Your Dog

Even older dogs need exercise. Just keep his changing energy level and abilities in mind.

Brush Up

Keep your dog’s teeth clean with regular brushing and professional cleaning whenever your vet advises.

Go Flea Free

Stay on top of flea and tick control and keep your older dog’s environment as clean as possible.

Spend Time Together

Make your older dog part of your life, doing all you can make him happy, interested, engaged and comfortable in his old age.

The Scoop:

More tips and information about the Senior Dog Project and learn the top 10 reasons to adopt a senior dog.

Originally published January 2011, reviewed and updated July 2017.