When you’re sharing your pillow with someone, it helps if they don’t stink. But if that someone happens to be canine, you’re out of luck. Dogs get stinky. They roll in gross stuff, they snack off sidewalks, and then they yawn in our faces and sleep in our beds. There is no other love like this.

But thankfully, someone is looking out for the pup people who learned to breathe through their mouths. Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA of the well-read Dolittler.com vet blog for “pet lovers, vet voyeurs and the medically curious” offers up survival tips for smelly pet management. Breathe them in.

Stinky Skin. The scent of a wet sock comes to mind. That doggone doggy smell just won’t abate. Even if it comes and goes, or pops in certain seasons it may be a skin condition, such as an allergic skin disease. Ask your vet for a diagnosis and treatments that can address the underlying condition. Medicated shampoos and antibiotic or antifungal treatments are often recommended to help with the condition and mercifully, the odor.

Eerie Smell. It’s sort of fruity, sort of yeasty, what is it? It could be your dog’s ears. External ear infections are usually skin conditions, but with a very specific odor. To keep ear infections under control, Dr. Khuly suggests asking your vet about treating the underlying condition with antibiotics and antifungals, and cleaning your dog’s ears regularly with a mild disinfectant solution.

Silent But Deadly. Your dog passes gas as he peacefully sleeps. He doesn’t even know he’s doing it, but everybody else sure does. Some serious canine offenders may actually have an intestinal condition such as IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) or a pancreatic malfunction. More likely though, the problem is a reaction to a certain ingredients in your dog’s diet. For those pups, Dr. Khuly recommends probiotic supplements or trial and error testing to determine which foods are causing the crime. For serious offenders, get to the source (and survive the smell) by asking your vet to assess the situation.

Recognize any of these stinkers? The Wildlife Devotee, the Bad Breath Breakfast Club, the Anal-Gland Leakers, or the Wet Dog Crowd – read on for all the signs and solutions you need to live well with pets who smell.

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