It’s Monday, people! Time for your pup care pop quiz. We found a fun interactive quiz from the folks at PetSmart and had to share it.

According to a recent PetSmart survey, over 90% of pet parents incorrectly interpret tail wagging, yawning and the meaning of other common pet behaviors. So they teamed up with noted animal behaviorist Dr. Suzanne Hetts to develop an online educational guide, “If Your Pet Could Talk,” to help pet parents understand and respond to everyday common behaviors of dogs and cats.

There are videos that demonstrate common dog and cat behaviors so you can recognize them in your own pet, exercises and more. But what we like best is the quiz. And it’s not just because the dog behavior questions are interesting, such as this one: “When my dog yawns, I know he’s relaxed and enjoying himself. True or False. Or, because the instant results provide a close look at just how much we really know our pets.

The real reason the Woof Reporters love this quiz is simple: it’s a great test of how much you’ve learned from Woof Report. That’s because this quiz just happens to have questions about past Woof Report tips and themes. Score high on the quiz, and you’re avid Woof reader. Score low, and well…we’d rather not judge. Interested? Here are a few more questions to help you study up.

– When my dog flicks his tongue out and quickly licks his nose, it’s because his nose itches. True or False.

– Just like other family members, my dog enjoys being hugged because she knows I’m letting her know I love her. True or False.

– My dog knows when he’s done something he shouldn’t because he looks guilty afterwards when I see him or find his “mess.” True or False.

Just for kicks, check it out and take the quiz yourself. It’s quick, fun, and you may learn something new.

The Scoop:

Take the dog or cat quiz and check out the other resources to help you understand your pet’s behaviors.

Thank you to our Woof Report Friend Logan for the photo.