Last year, Woof Report shared the list of the most unusual ingested objects by pets from VPI Pet Insurance, and this year we’re at it again. We’re also still convinced the list refers to objects ingested by dogs and not “pets!” Really, when was the last time you heard about a cat ingesting five pounds of trash and a scrub brush?


Apparently VPI knows dog people are intrigued by the crazy things pets eat and unique mishaps that require vet care because they’ve created an the Hambone Award and accompanying website to highlight the most unusual pet insurance claims they receive. Why the name? Apparently, it’s in honor of a VPI-insured dog that got stuck in a refrigerator and ate an entire Thanksgiving ham while waiting for someone to find him! (Side note, he was just fine and as you can guess — ate a lot of ham.)


At the site,, you’ll find one interesting claim each month as selected by VPI employees, and one winner annually is chosen to receive the ‘VPI Hambone Award’. In 2010, it was a Lab named Ellie who ate entire beehive, along with thousands of dead bees, and 2011’s winner was a Pug name Harley who ate more than 100 rocks. We’re happy to report both pups are doing fine, as are those that consumed the crazy items listed below.


Among common items that pets consume, such as socks, hand towels, sticks, and rocks, the items listed below are especially notable. Let this incredible list of not-so-tasty snacks serve as a reminder that many dogs, maybe yours, will eat just about anything so keep an eye on your pup!


2011’s Most Unusual Ingested Objects by Pets

Following is the complete list of notable items that passed the lips of VPI-insured dogs and cats in 2011. We’re happy to report, all pets made full recoveries!

• about 100 rocks
• foot-long metal hanger
• 130 fish oil capsules
• 15 vanilla votive candles
• two plastic baggies and a bottle cap
• three sewing needles
• five pounds of trash and a scrub brush
• 62 vitamin D soft gels
• cell phone case
• dirty diaper
• fish hook and line
• lobster shell
• marijuana cookie
• package of fluorescent light bulbs
• pillowcase
• dead porcupine
• burrito wrapped in foil
• wires
• tent stake
• wedding ring
• aluminum can
• rosebush
• head of stuffed animal, long leather lace and multiple hard plastic pieces
• box of razor blades
• cholla cactus
• chopsticks
• clothing and rat poison
• deer antlers
• an entire tube of doggie toothpaste
• glass ornament
• G.I. Joe
• mothballs
• rat (swallowed whole)
• sweatshirt
• the corner of the bed
• two plastic eyeballs and a bunch of broccoli stems

The Scoop:

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What is the craziest thing your dog has ingested? Leave a note in the comments and share!


Thank you to Andrew Morrell Photography on flickr for the photo of Sammy.