Big surprise! Dogs, just like people, will get fat if they don’t exercise. You don’t need Woof Report to tell you this. But Dr. Nelson, Kansas State University veterinarian and assistant professor of clinical sciences points out many additional benefits to working out with your dog in an article published earlier this month. She also elaborates on how to address dogs’ specific health needs and interests through exercise, and stresses that dogs differ in the amount and types of exercise they need to maintain good health.

While exercise needs vary greatly depending on the age, breed and general health of your dog, Dr. Nelson offers general guidelines to maintain good health. These include getting your dog out for not one, but two 15-60 minute sessions of continuous aerobic exercise every day. And that dogs need longer, sustained periods of exercise with few breaks to get the most out of the session. So having your dog zip around the backyard just won’t cut it. Playing with another dog continuously for a long period of time is also good from time to time, but should not replace a regular exercise routine with you.

Not only will you both love your time together and strengthen your bond, but regular daily exercise will boost physical and mental health (for both of you). For more about exercising with your dog, including precautions to take and easy ways to work out based on your dog’s likes and requirements, check out more of Dr. Nelson’s handy tips at the link below.

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Read the full article about exercising with your dog from Dr. Susan Nelson, Kansas State University veterinarian and assistant professor of clinical sciences.

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