Who’s the biggest bed hog in your family? Something tells us the culprit has four-legs and snores. After years of sharing your bed, stealing your covers and fuzzing up your pillows, maybe you’re ready for separate sleeping quarters.

Fortunately for your dog, options abound in the canine bedding category. From firm to extra cushy, from plaid to polka dots, there’s a bed for every sleepy-eyed pup. But for older dogs with creaky joints who just can’t catch a wink on anything less than 500 thread count, there’s something better: Marvelous microfiber on the Therapeutic Bolster Bed from Orvis. 

Cradling your dog in the softness of premium, heavy-weight microfiber, the Bolster Bed is quite possibly the coziest bed in your home. And with zip-off machine washable covers, it makes evening turndown service a snap.

And it’s comforting to know that while you curl up on a ten-year old futon, your dog dreams upon high-loft therapeutic memory foam. This top grade polyester, more commonly found in expensive sofas, cushions your pup’s aging joints and promotes healthy circulation for even, full-body support.

It’s been said that old dogs can’t learn new tricks, but we know yours will go for this one. Even the most discriminating older dogs can’t resist a snooze on the bolster bed. But just to make sure, why not sweeten the deal with cushion covers that match his fur, and a custom monogram. You might as well make it official: This bed’s got his name it.


The Scoop:

Therapeutic Bolster Bed from Orvis 
Available in small, medium and large sizes in a variety of patterns and colors, $139-229.