Toys, glorious toys! They can bring such joy to a dog, and everyone knows they’re must-have items for every pup. But, have you ever really considered the many ways in which toys enrich a dog’s life, and do you know how to choose the best toys for your dog?


If you haven’t, read on. Woof Report’s got the scoop on dog toys thanks to the folks at Best Friends General Store, a terrific online store with a huge selection of dog toys, who have kindly given Woof Report permission to share their insight on dog toys.


How Toys Enrich a Dog’s Life

Toys enhance a dog’s life in many ways – and it’s not just to inspire and satisfy a dog’s desire to play. For a thorough overview of just how essential toys are for dogs, read the exceptional article “A comprehensive guide to the importance of toys and play in your dog’s life” from Roxanne Hawn, and featured on the Best Friends General Store site.


Hawn lists and provides insight about the many ways toys benefit a dog. For instance, toys help to increase the bond you share with your dog, add much needed fun into a dog’s day, give a dog the chance to practice instinctual canine skills, help you establish true leadership and teach self-control, serve as rewards in dog training and in daily life. And that’s not all, toys also give your dog safe items to discover (better a toy than your shoes!), challenge your dog, discourage problem behavior, and much more.


Choosing the Right Toys for Your Dog

When it comes to choosing dog toys, the options are endless, and finding what your dog likes will certainly require trial and error. The results will include toys that are favorites, those that are destroyed, and others still that go untouched by your dog (donate the latter to your local shelter!). And according to the folks at Best Friends General Store, one way to choose the best toys for your dog is by watching several sessions of his or her playing style. With this, you can learn the type of play that is most common, and what your dog most likes or dislikes about his or her toys. Is it the sound, size, texture or material, or that you play too?


Take this information and read more at the article Find Your Dog’s Playing Style to find toys your dog will love. The article addresses the most suitable toys based on playing style, whether your dog is a Destroy Loving, Ball Loving, Herding Loving, Fetch Loving, Shake Loving, Stuffing-aholic, (and so on), Dog.


More Tips for Choosing Dog Toys

Toys need to be more than appealing to your dog, they need to be safe, durable and fun! Below are a few things to remember when choosing dog toys.

  • Provide your dog with a variety of toy types – for instance, toys for chewing, toys for fetch or tug, toys to play with you, and puzzle toys for mental exercise.
  • Choose toys that safe – the right size for your dog (large enough that they cannot easily be swallowed), and made from non-toxic materials. Avoid toys that have string or parts that can be chewed off and swallowed.
  • Check your dog’s toys from time to time and replace those that are falling apart.
  • Supervise your dog when you give her a new toy to make sure it’s safe. 
  • Rotate your dog’s toys regularly to keep your pup interested in them.


The Scoop:


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