As we get ready to ring in the New Year, we’re celebrating the Best of 2008.  Here are your favorite Woof Report tips about caring for your fur family.

No No Nibbles | 2008-08-25
Certain people-food favorites can harm your dog’s health in a big way. Just remember the old adage: what’s good for the dog person isn’t always good for the dog (okay, we made that up, but it’s true). From nuts and onions, to grapes and raisins, see what people foods are unsafe for dogs.

Good Fur Day | 2008-09-22
“Gee, your fur smells terrific!” All it takes are a few daily tricks for the softest, most gorgeous coat at the dog park. From shampoo to vitamins, good fur days start here. Read on for Shiny Coat Dos and Don’ts.


Chow Hound | 2008-08-11
No bones about it, your pup needs proper nutrition every day. This shouldn’t seem so hard in the land of whole-grained goodness, but with many options, come many choices.  What’s right for your dog? See our everyday tips on choosing top dog chow.


Pause for the Paws | 2008-09-08
Your dog goes footloose and fancy-free, literally. Without shoes, all four fuzzy feet hit the hot pavement, the rocky trails, the gravel driveway, all day, everyday. Sure, his tough pads protect, but painful cracks, burns, and little cuts tear the skin from time to time. To keep those precious paws in top shape, check them regularly and follow our quick tips.