It’s heartbreaking to stop and consider all of the pets in rescues and shelters waiting for their forever homes. But what’s even worse, is knowing there are certain pets that are overlooked and spend years in shelters just because they are older, have special needs or are a certain breed or color.

That’s why has designated this week, September 19 – 25, as “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet” Week, a time to bring awareness to so-called ‘less adoptable’ (but no less lovable!) pets, and to help them find forever homes.

According to, 95% of their shelter and rescue group members have adoptable pets for which they are having ‘extreme difficulty’ finding a home. And in a recent survey, 33% of their adoption groups said they’ve had pets who were posted on Petfinder for one to two years without being adopted, and another 27% have had pets who have waited more than two years for a home.

The survey also found that old age is the greatest obstacle a pet faces in getting adopted, followed by health problems, shyness, breed and the need to be the only pet in the household. Being “too big” and the “wrong” color also rank high on the list. These pets deserve a home just like other pets, so won’t you help?

Support this cause by giving these pets a chance – and a new home, and spread the word to friends and family looking to adopt too. It still counts if you get the word out after this week! Browse’s gallery of more than 450 shelter-nominated less adoptable pets for inspiration. You can promote less adoptable pets through Facebook and Twitter too – choose a pet and make it your mission to find him or her a forever home!


Just as we mentioned last year at this time, here are just some of the pros of picking a ‘special’ pet. Of course, the biggest benefit of all you’ll receive is the love and devotion from these pets for giving them a second chance.


  • Older pets are more mellow – they’re already house-trained, and those frightful puppy chewing days are over.
  • Shy pets or those with behavioral issues allow you to bond with them as you work together to improve their comfort level in their surroundings.
  • Dogs with “big black dog syndrome” and breeds that have been given a bad rap give you the opportunity to show others just how sweet and wonderful they truly are, and help turn the tide again breed and color prejudice.
  • Special needs pets will inspire you with their ability to overcome obstacles and live happily in the moment.
  • As for dogs that are simply “too large,” that’s easy – there’s just more to love! They are great protectors too.

The Scoop:

Learn more about’s “Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet” Week and start your search for an adoptable pet.


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Learn more about ‘less adoptable dogs’ at Black Pearl Dogs, a site specifically designed to promote the appreciation and adoption of black dogs and The Senior Dogs Project where you can find the “Top Ten Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog.”


Beautiful Eleanor, pictured above, is a two-year old Pittie mix with excellent manners and a love of squeaky toys. She’s available for adoption in Oakland, CA, and you can find out more about her at