The year’s not over yet, but we’re already celebrating the best of 2009. Here are your favorite past Woof Report tips with ideas to help homeless pets, and animal shelter and rescue organizations that need your support. Stay tuned for more of your top tips in the days to come!


Foster a Friend | 2009-02-04
Helping pets in need doesn’t always mean adopting a dog or even donating money (although these are always good too). Fostering a dog is wonderful way to support overcrowded shelters and rescue organizations and get a pup ready for finding his forever home. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to help dogs in need without taking on the commitment of a lifelong pet adoption or to see if another dog is just what you need. And did we mention the unconditional doggie love? Learn how fostering works, what foster parents do, how long foster dogs stay – and of course, get links to resources.

Web Search & Rescue | 2009-01-06

Times are (still) tight. Thanks to a few creative websites, now it’s easier than ever to help animals in need. With a few simple changes to your daily online behavior, you can support animal welfare organizations, including your favorite local shelters and rescues, without spending a penny. Read all about the how you can click, search and shop online and help support and generate funds for homeless pets.

Help a Shelter | 2009-07-14

Thank goodness pets can’t read. It would just break their hearts to see’s most recent shelter and rescue group survey results. Though they may not contribute to the current economic crisis, America’s family pets are feeling its wrath. As much as 84% of’s animal shelters and rescue groups reported accepting more pets due to economic woes, and 37% of shelters and rescue groups have seen a decrease in pet adoptions over the past year. Please join our efforts to help shelter pets in need right in your community. Read on for many ways to improve a little life at your local animal shelter or rescue organization.

Give Me Shelter | 2008-12-16

The end of year is coming. And with resolutions just around the corner, we’ll bet that cleaning out your garage and cabinets tops the list. If you’re like us, you have lots of perfectly good stuff to donate this year. While you’re sorting through everything, keep your local animal shelters in mind. Running a shelter on a tiny budget takes creative solutions including gratefully accepting donations of everything from towels to toys to cleaning products (and of course, cash and gift cards). To find out what your community shelters need, give them a call or read on for a list of often requested products.



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