Tyson the skateboarding bulldog doesn’t have anything on your dog. Sure, he earns over $1,000 a day performing on his skateboard and pops up on YouTube and Oprah with his latest tricks. Big deal. Your dog can learn how to ride a skateboard in a weekend (even if he’s not a Bulldog!).

All he needs is a little coaching and a few treats to keep him interested and you’ve got yourself a four-legged Tony Hawk. Maybe you can even get him to ride a classic Dogtown board. For help turning your dog into a skateboarding pro, Woof Report turns to veterinarian, author and pet health blogger Dr. Sophia Yin. Follow along on her blog as she takes your dog by the paw from land-lubber to skateboarder.

Dr. Yin has you begin with teaching your pup an easier trick called “Step,” which consists of teaching your dog to place his two front paws on an elevated platform several inches off the ground (for instance, on a stack of coffee table books).  Once he’s mastered stepping up on one object, add a cue and move it to other objects – with tasty treats for encouragement, of course. 


The goal is to teach your dog to step up on different objects on cue without hesitation. Once, your dog’s accomplished this task, the skateboard is not far behind.  Read all of the details for each step, including those to get your dog on the board, and he’ll be hanging 20 in no time.


The Scoop:

For all of the steps to train your dog to ride a skateboard, check out Dr. Sophia Yin’s blog post.

Dr. Yin is an author, former award-winning pet columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, and contributor to popular publications and TV programs such as on Animal Planet’s Dogs101, so while you’re at her site, read up on her helpful training and dog behavioral advice too.

Thank you to Justin and Emperor for the photo.