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More Toys & Treats We Love

Published: Oct. 07, 2009
Subject: Treat 'em Right
Category: Feasts & Treats

More Toys & Treats We Love

More Toys & Treats We Love

The Woof Reporters are suckers for excellent dog toys and treats. But we can’t take all the credit. Our distinguished panel of canine testers make their selections known. We’re just here to take notes (since we’re the ones with the thumbs). Here are the latest picks.


Oh Deer, How Delicious!
Your dog may not hunt for his dinner but Buckarooz Naturally-Shed Antler Chews is about as close to the great outdoors as he’ll get. These long-lasting treats are from U.S. free-range wild deer and packed with natural marrow, calcium and phosphorous. Each delivers only what nature intended – no added hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products, steroids or preservatives. Best of all, since deer naturally shed their antlers, no sweet adorable Bambis are ever harmed to create these chews.


Zing It!
Kong did it again. First, they revolutionize the puzzle toy category and now this… Introducing the KONG Ring Zinger, Kong’s first roll and chase toy. This awesome, fast-action ring rolls, skips, turns and darts every which way to keep your pup on his toes. It’s the perfect choice for teaching agility moves or just burning off kibble at the beach or park. Even better, the slime-free gripper keeps your hands clean launch after launch. Let the games begin!


Knot Again
Your dog can’t resist chewing on everything in sight. So spare your furnishings by investing in these ingenious Natural Cotton Rope Bones. This handy six-pack set not only keeps his teeth occupied, but actually cleans them too. The natural friction caused by gnawing away on the knots gently brushes your dog’s teeth and gums. What more could you want in a toy? (Wait…don’t answer that).


Take That
Finally, a dog toy that’s even tougher than your dog. That’s right. Move over, Rover. The Dura Doggie Disc can stand up to even the most aggressive chewers and can still fly straight. This soft Frisbee-like toy manages to stay soft on the mouth, but tough at playtime. The perfect combination for outdoor fun – it even subs as a food or water bowl in a pinch.


Eat Your Pegetables!
First it’s the kids, now it’s a dog. What’s it take to get these small mammals to eat their vegetables anyway? With Pegetables Dog Treats, canine family members can get their daily dose of real nutritious vegetables in a yummy treat. But don’t worry, they’ll never suspect vegetables and will gobble down carrot, corn and celery treats without raising a whisker. And since Pegetables are fortified with all kinds of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, proteins, fiber and calcium, you can keep them coming. They can even help clean his teeth. More please!


The Scoop:

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