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Woof Report was created in 2008 as a daily email newsletter delivering handpicked dog care tips, news, products and more. Near the end of 2009, after sending hundreds of daily tips and gaining a loyal (and much appreciated) following, and stretching our budget to the limit — the daily emails came to an end, and the Woof Report team went their separate ways.


As the Woof Report founder, I couldn’t leave my beloved ‘pet project’ behind. I continued to find useful dog care and training tips, practical dog products, interesting dog news, and ideas for having fun with my own dog – things that I just had to share….so as of October 2010, Woof Report is back!

Woof Briard Stack

While you’ll notice some changes from the old Woof, the goal remains the same — to bring you the very best for your fur family and to improve the lives of our best friends.


And since dogs (and cats) give so much to me personally and to all of the people in their lives, I’m committed to returning the favor. That’s why Woof Report works to promote awareness of animal welfare causes, pet adoption initiatives and charities.


I hope you enjoy Woof Report as much as I enjoy creating it for you!


Please spread the word at the dog park. And let me what you like best, could do without, or want to see more of.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for visiting!


stacey (at) woofreport (dot) com


Woof Report About Us - Stacey and Larry


The Former Woof Report Team & Advisors

Many thanks to the former Woof Reporters, Sue, Nina and Manolo, for working with me to create and grow Woof Report.  And thank you to Woof Report advisors Adam Behrens, VMD and expert dog trainer, Michael Wombacher.




Woof Report Consultants

The inspiration for Woof Report came from a lifelong love of animals and my own fur family, which includes the adorable and utterly spoiled Larry and Ted, pictured below. Larry was adopted from Pound Puppy Rescue in the SF Bay Area, where he was one of a litter of seven Black Lab/Border Collie pups – and he still sees his brothers and sister from time to time. Ted the tabby was adopted in LA after he was found on golf course, and he rules the house — as cats are inclined to do. The two make me laugh, play and snuggle each and every day, and provide excellent company during long hours spent at the computer. Ted sleeps on my desk beside my computer and Larry is everywhere, often snoozing on a chair next to me, his head on my lap (after it’s removed from the keyboard, the preferred resting spot). We all reside in San Francisco with our other Woof Report Consultants – my husband, Mike, and our new addition and future dog and cat lover, Samantha (pictured below with Larry).


                     LARRY                                                           TED

Larry          ted


Samantha and Larry

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