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Woof-Report-bassetHere are our most visited and useful dog and pet care links. Like all of the items featured in our weekly emails, these sites are our handpicked favorites that we hope you’ll find handy as well. Bookmark this page and check back often – we’ll be adding new links as we find them!

www.BarkBuckleUp.blogspot.com Travel safety tips for dogs who are going places. Travel
www.DogFriendly.com Dog-friendly everything from travel, beaches, parks, dining, and attractions. Find it here. Travel
www.PetAirways.com New pet only airlines about to take off for safe pet travel – pets fly in the main cabin, not in cargo! Travel
www.PetFlight.com Pet travel policies for all major airlines. Travel
www.PetsWelcome.com Listings for 25,000 pet-friendly hotels, B & B, campgrounds and more for pets on the go. Travel
www.accessdata.fda.gov Access a searchable database of all pet food recalled since March 2007, and find updates whenever new information is added. Health
www.aspca.org/pet-care The ASPCA’s Poison Control Center provides information about foods, plants and other items that are dangerous to pets. Health
www.avma.org The American Association of Veterinary Medicine’s site offers news and pet care tips. Health
www.cdc.gov/dogbiteprevention Learn all about steps to take to prevent dog bites from the Center for Disease Control site. Health
www.cdc.gov/healthypets The CDC’s Healthy Pets, Healthy People site offers insights about diseases companion animals may carry for people who own and care for animals, plus info about wild animals too. Health
www.dogfoodproject.com Learn all you need to know about dog food from this independent site so you can make an informed decision when purchasing food for your dog. Health
www.GreenPaws.org Learn how to choose flea and tick control products that are safe for your pup and the environment. Health
www.mydogiscool.com Help crack the window myth! Learn about the dangers of leaving dogs in parked cars and help raise awareness of these dangers. Health
www.MyVeterinarian.com Start your search for a local vet or to find one when you’re traveling with this site from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), which provides pet owners with detailed information about veterinary practices from around the country. Health
www.npic.orst.edu The National Pesticide Information Center has the truth about pesticide safety and answers commonly asked questions about finding less-toxic pesticide alternatives, deciphering product labels and recognize pesticide poisoning in people and pets. Health
www.petcareservices.org/guide View or download the Pet Care Services Association’s information-packed guide “How to Select a Pet Care Facility.” Health
www.PetInsuranceReview.com An independent source to compare rates and coverage, get quotes and read customer reviews for leading pet insurance carriers. Health
www.PetObesityPrevention.com Find pet weight loss tips and ideal weight ranges for 100+ dog breeds, and learn how to tell if your pet is overweight. Health
www.spayusa.org Learn more about Spay/USA, a program with the mission to reduce the number of unwanted dog and cat births and make spay/neuter services affordable. Health

When your pet’s medical care requires a specialist or second opinion, find a listing of Veterinary Specialty Organizations at Dr. Nancy Kay’s Speaking for Spot website.

www.aplb.org Nothing prepares you for the grief of losing a pet, and the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement is there to help you cope. This excellent resource provides listings of support groups, tips for helping kids with grief, memorial tributes to pets, and more. Misc
peta.org/cruelty-free-company-search Shop for Pet’s Sake. Animal lovers everywhere just want to know which products are and are not tested on animals before they buy them. Search the web database on this site to find out. Misc
www.DogPlay.com/TherapyDogs Listing and links to local and national Therapy Dog organizations Misc
www.PetRescue.com Top tips for finding a lost pet. Misc
www.Adopt-a-Pet.com Find adoptable pets from thousands of US shelters and rescue organizations, and learn why you should adopt your next pet. Adoption
www.AnimalShelterTips.com Find inspiration and endless ideas for volunteering, fundraising, involving kids, and more. See how simple it is to be an advocate for animals and offer assistance, even on an individual level. Adoption
www.FosterDogs.com Learn more about helping dogs by becoming a foster dog parent. Adoption
www.Petfinder.com Find adoptable pets from thousands of shelters and rescue organizations across the country. Adoption
www.SrDogs.com Tips for caring for precious senior age dogs. Adoption
www.DogParkUSA.com Use the interactive maps to find local dog parks in your area, plus you’ll find the address, details and reviews about the parks too. Local
www.DogPlay.com Explore this site and find a new sport, game or activity to do with your dog – he or she will be glad you did! This resourceful site lists a wide variety of activities, all you need to know about them, and links to take action. Local
www.ABRIonline.org.com While this resource from the American Humane Association is primarily a resource for animal welfare professionals, all are welcome to access its library of behavior and training videos and articles from experts in the field. Training
www.apdt.com The Association of Pet Dog Trainers site can help you find a certified trainer in your area and offers training tips you need. Training
www.aspcabehavior.org Find expert training tips online and free of charge with the Virtual Pet Behaviorist (VPB), the ASPCA Animal Behavior Center’s interactive online behavior library. Training
www.DogBreedInfo.com See photos, descriptions and other information about all types of purebred and crossbred dogs. New Dog

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