Woof Report’s Friday Newsletter: September 11, 2020

Here’s the most fascinating and useful dog news of the week.

Your Weekend Reading

Are You Game?

What’s better than playing games with your dog? Teaching your dog important skills and good manners at the same time. Thanks to animal behaviorist, dog trainer, and author Karen London, Ph.D., find seven games that are not only fun, but that will teach your dog, too. You’ll find old standbys like Fetch (and tips for teaching Fetch so you’re not the one fetching), Hide and Seek, and Tug. Also, find more challenging games like Red Light, Green Light, and Family Circle, the latter of which will teach your dog the names of everyone in your family (fun!). Best of all, get detailed descriptions of what each game will teach your dog and how to get the most out of them. Give one or two a try this weekend and enjoy a little playtime!)

Puppyhood Primer

Your dog will always be your baby, but do you know how long your dog’s puppyhood will last? According to a new study from Purina, most puppy owners know dogs under one year of age are considered puppies, but the majority are unaware that breed impacts the length of puppyhood. A 30-pound toy breed dog may reach maturity at 9-12 months while a large or giant breed dog matures closer to age 16-24 months.

What are the implications? Your dog may need puppy food for more or less time than you think. Always consult with your vet when it comes to your dog’s diet. Read more and tell a pandemic puppy lover. (Veterinary Practice News)

Pet Pals

Everyone thinks dogs and cats fight like…cats and dogs, except the people who share their homes with both! Based on survey results from nearly 1,300 people who live with at least one dog and one cat, researchers report most dog and cat relationships are harmonious. More than half of dog and cat owners report their pets play together and at least occasionally sleep together while less than 1% report aggressive interactions.

Researchers add, “while some body postures, such as the tail’s position, are interpreted differently by the two species, the greater proportions of dogs and cats show a relaxed response to several kinds of approaches of their roommate.”

There you have it, the rationale for welcoming a cat into your dog-loving home! Thanks to @dogsciencesays for the find and read the full study here. Our beloved beasts, Larry and George, are pictured below and get along quite well.

What Else We’re Reading

Friday Fun (and Happy Tears). See a stealth Golden’s adorable surprise attack and meet Joey, a sweetheart who finally found his forever home this summer after 500 days at the Niagara SPCA. See Joey’s sweet send-off and guess who he’ll miss the most (hint: #4!).

Never Forget. Today we remember the tragedy that forever changed the U.S., the innocent victims, and the families and friends they left behind. We continue to be grateful for the brave first responder heroes including the search and rescue dogs and their handlers. Read about some of the hero dogs of 9/11 and also how 9/11 changed people’s perception of search and rescue dogs and therapy dogs.

Treat Tips. Do you ever think about how you’re feeding treats to your dog during training? We didn’t think much about it before reading Pat Miller’s article on the topic at Whole Dog Journal. According to Miller, there’s a right and wrong way to feed your dog treats, and typically you want to feed the treat about an inch from your dog’s mouth right at nose level. Too high and your dog may jump for the treat and if you’re too far away, your dog may be grabby. Read more and get tips for teaching your dog to take a treat gently.

Groom On. Why are there so many kinds of dog brushes and how do you choose? Head over to to find “The 10 Best Grooming Brushes for Dogs Based on Their Hair Type.” According to dog grooming pros, select a brush based on your dog’s hair type and know that how you brush (from the skin outward and all over the body) is as important as the brush you choose.

Marvelous Mama. An Australian Shepherd-mix named Georgia is proving her maternal instincts run strong. The pregnant pup was rescued as a stray by the Sunshine Dog Rescue in Phoenix, gave birth prematurely, and her puppies did not survive. Heartbroken Georgia kept frantically searching for her puppies, and that’s when shelter staff spread the word they were seeking animals in need of a mama dog. What did they get in return? Three orphaned kittens! Georgia cared for them as if they were her own and, in the meantime, found her forever home. See more photos and a video of this adorable group.





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