Woof Report’s Friday Newsletter: August 28, 2020

Here’s the most fascinating and useful dog news of the week.

Your Weekend Reading

Training Tip

Research shows if we sleep after studying, we’ll recall what we learned better the following day, but can the same be said for dogs? According to researchers, it’s play that can positively impact a dog’s learning and memory.
Researchers at the University of Vienna suggest dogs given a 30-minute combo play session and walk immediately following learning a new task recalled the task better than dogs without the play/walk session. A just-published follow-on study in the journal Animals from the same researchers and the very same dogs (all Labrador Retrievers) found this effect can still be seen a year later when dogs had fewer errors relearning the same task. Researchers point to the fact “situations that are emotional and arousing can have an effect on the memorability of events”

The takeaway: Not only is a play session and/or walk a great way to end a training session with your dog, but it may also help your dog remember what he or she learned. Read the full study.

Pup Preparedness

If the current state of the U.S. has made you realize there’s no time like the present to prep your dog’s emergency kit, head over to the Humane Society website. You’ll find excellent resources for planning ahead for your dog’s safety including a checklist of what to pack should you need to evacuate your home with your dog and resources for finding dog-friendly accommodations. The site also lists the smart reminder to plan for your dog in case you’re not at home; have your emergency kit packed and ready to go, hide a key or provide a neighbor with one, and make a plan. (The Humane Society of the US)

Cars for Canines

If you consider your dog’s comfort and safety when choosing a new car (as you should!), see Autotrader’s 2020 ranking of the Ten Best Cars for Dog Lovers. Audi, Subaru, Kia, Hyundai, Tesla, and, Jeep are just some that make the cut and many offer dog-related features and accessories you can get right from the dealer. See the full list and get ideas about dog-friendly features to look for in your next car like tinted rear windows, rear air vents, and a low cargo area to make it easy for your dog to get in and out. On a related note, meet adorable Bear, the winner of Jeep’s national “Top Canine” contest, who was awarded the honor this week.

What Else We’re Reading

Friday Fun. Meet Bastian the Pomeranian who is just learning to high five, and Caroline, the gentle sweetheart who found a new use for the baby bouncer.

All Ears. Would your dog benefit from regular ear cleaning? It’s a great question for your vet. Some dogs require it depending on the breed or lifestyle (i.e., water dogs) while other dogs rarely or never need it. If your dog is in the former category, get tips and detailed instructions for cleaning your dog’s ears.

Fearless Fido. Researchers at the University of Helsinki in Finland analyzed behaviors of nearly 14,000 dogs representing 264 breeds to reveal dogs who are physically active, actively trained, and socialized during puppyhood are less fearful in new situations and environments. While breed plays a role as well, the researchers suggest dog owners can contribute to reducing their dog’s fearfulness.

Dog Brew. Your next BBQ can now include beer for your dog! Anheuser Busch just unveiled a non-alcoholic beer for dogs, Busch Dog Brew, and will donate $1 from each case sold to the Best Friends Animal Society.

More to Love. If you love big dogs, head over to The Stacker for a ranking of the 96 biggest dog breeds along with a few interesting facts about each breed. To start at #1, skip to page ten, which includes the Great Dane and St. Bernard!

Movie Star Dogs. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into training dogs to star in movies or commercials, read a fascinating Q and A with Hollywood dog trainers. Get the scoop on the challenges of working with puppies (they require regularly scheduled naps!), how dogs are trained for talking animal movies, and how senior dogs are often portrayed by younger pups (spoiler alert: they wear make-up and are trained to walk slowly).

The Latest from

2020 Dog Swim Day Schedules are Here

As local swimming pools across the country are closing for the summer season, lucky dogs are invited to splash and frolic in the pool before it’s drained for the season. While many annual (and much-anticipated) events are cancelled this year, many are still on. Plus, read about dog swim clubs.

Lovely Ceiba, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, is up for adoption from Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco.