If you need cute, personalized note cards for you and your family, why not include the whole pack — four-legged members, too. Check out note pads, address labels, cards, announcements, and more from Amazing Labels.

You may have already seen a variation of these, but Amazing Labels has a multitude of new options for including your fur (and even feathered) family! We’re talking petastic – 80 options for dog breeds alone, then you get even more options to find the exact match for your pup’s coiffure.

You choose the item, design, paper style and copy as needed. Then add caricatures of yourself and family members by selecting the hairstyle, eye color, accessories and more for each. Then choose your dog breeds, the color of their coats and other fun features. Keep adding your family members all the way down to your pet guinea pig.

Even better than the 100% money back guarantee….you can always change the mix when you get a new haircut, adopt another pup or move in with your significant other.

The Scoop:

Amazing Labels.  Prices start at $24.95 for 90 labels.

Originally published June 2008; reviewed and updated June 2018.