The family resemblance is striking. The glossy hair, the winning smile, the love of your family shines through in your dog. This Mother’s Day, Woof Report honors the ladies behind it all. Let’s put our paws together for dog moms and grandmoms everywhere.  

Behind every great dog there’s a great woman. Remember your dog’s mom or grandmom with gifts fit for a pup’s budget. 

Grandog Gallery
Why not add another small mammal to Grammy’s photo gallery of grandchildren? This one just so happens to be slightly furrier than the others kids, but no less loved. Your dog’s sweet photo makes a great gift (and Grammy won’t balk at the price). Just fit it in a cute little frame or take a few photos and make them into a bookmark she’ll use again and again. All you need for a bookmark is about four small pup pics – print them out to 3″ x 2″ size, and arrange them, two per side, on a 8″ x 2″ piece of colored paper or card stock. Then just get it laminated at your local copy shop. Presto, a personalized pup bookmark! 


Mom’s Day Off Coupons
The gift of time, its Mom’s most treasured commodity. And it’s free for you. Here’s what you do. Wrap up a custom-made coupon for dog washes or grooming. Even include vet visits or weekly dog park runs to give your dog’s favorite person some time to herself. Nobody deserves it more.   


A Best Friend Brunch
Treat Mom to a lovely brunch or picnic in the company of children, human and canine.  Just make sure to pick a pup-okay restaurant patio or backyard spot where the pooches are welcome. And make sure someone else does her dishes.


Show Mom You Can Share
Honor Mom’s generous spirit with a gift basket packed with pup treats and toys for the shelter pets in her community. Wrap it up for her to present to her favorite shelter (since the dogs in your family are already so spoiled). Even better, make a direct donation or purchase an animal shelter membership in her name. Stop by for listings of shelters and rescue groups to consider.


The Scoop: 

Lastly, we know. It’s crazy expensive, but too perfect to pass up. Check out this Mother’s Day must-have for your Mama’s Boy, pictured above. 

He may look tough, but you know the truth, your dog’s a great big baby. This Mother’s Day celebrate with a tribute to Mom he’ll wear close to his heart. This hilarious This hilarious tattoo-inspired “Mom” collar is just right for the tough guy who still sleeps with a squeaky toy. Made from the finest Italian leather with hand-painted edges and plated buckle with logo d-ring, it’s one splurge you won’t regret.