You’re going to hear about this one from your in-laws. But who cares? Your home is simply not complete without a framed artist’s rendition of your beloved dog. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of seriously talented artists who you will gladly paint, sketch or otherwise transpose your pup’s likeness into a work of art. All you need is an excellent photo of your best friend and the will to splurge (it’s a little pricey, but so worth it). You’ll find a range of styles and prices to fit all budgets, and here are just a few of our favorite artists.


Strauberry Studios
Imagine it – your dog in beautiful vivid colors. Commission a portrait of your dog from artist Susan Straub-Martin just by emailing her a few great photos, and that’s what you&rsquos;ll get. Once a picture is chosen, approve the illustration she sends and start choosing the spot for your pup’s likeness on the wall. Prices start at $250.


Rachel Rossman
Commission a piece or just browse Rachael Rossman’s collection of unique watercolor pet portraits (including Bo Obama’s), that truly capture the personality of her pup subjects. Prices start at $350.


Doodle Dog Paintings
Fashion your dog’s portrait with artist Kellie Oliphant-Burns. She’ll work with you to create a hand painted portrait from your dog’s photo, your description of your pet’s personality and based upon your style of décor.  Choose from a few concepts and she’ll re-work them to create the perfect piece. Prices start at $200.


Commission a cool custom digital pet portrait from FuzzyMug and it’s created by hand from your favorite photograph. Frame it and adorn your home or share it with friends by having it made into note cards or holiday and birthday greetings. Portrait prices start at $50.